Assault: 19XX

Players: 2-6 (Best 6)                                                                                                                      
Playing Time: 45 Min
Complexity: Medium

Description: “Defeat the opposing team by knocking out all of their players in the same turn or by getting to lucky 13 first on your SCORE CARD. Equip items and weapons to make your faction the strongest!” (From the rule book)

This card game recreates the pulp themed action that takes place in the Adventures of the 19XX graphic novel series. Each player receives a character card that comes with a unique set of special abilities and determines which side they’re on. Two factions battle to find a winner using one of two victory conditions:

1. Finish a round with the entire opposing team knocked out.
2. Be the first to score thirteen hits on the enemy faction.

Character cards are laid face up on the table with all stats showing. A marker is used to show the player’s current health out of a maximum possible five. Each player has a Luck, Defense, and Attack value. Every Character Card has a brief background description for those who have not read the graphic novels.

Over 100 Item and Luck cards with unique illustrations created just for this game are drawn each turn and equipped to increase your character’s attributes. The Item deck contains weapons and other helpful cards such as the Thompson Gun, Experimental Gas Launcher, and bandages. The luck deck contains esoteric items such as curses, lucky helmets, spells, and more. Using these cards you and your faction attack opposing players each round and attempt to get to thirteen on the scorecard. Each damage you inflict on an opposing player gets them closer to being knocked out and moves your team up one point on the scorecard.

The game also comes with 21 Chapter Cards. These cards are drawn each time you score a point and allow you to play through the plot of various Adventures of the 19XX books. These cards come right from the book series using the original page art.


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